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helpsignI often feel overwhelmed by the task of “keeping up” with the UX field. I’ve recently requested a UX mentor via UX  Mentors because hands-on learning with a fellow UX professional is a great way to learn new ideas as well as time-tested approaches. In the mean time, my colleagues and I are planning group learning sessions that focus on a particular subject within UX each week – this week’s subject is the psychology of design. I’m excited to learn from my peers (and have a concrete event to study up for myself). I’m going to use “Round-up” blog posts to collect pertinent articles and thoughts.


  • I’ve seen Susan Weinschenk’s article on the psychology of design referenced in numerous articles across the web. I’ll start my research with this one.
  • Erik Flowers talks about improving the user experience by changing the way we speak about things here. This is especially interesting because we’ve been discussing tone and intention with our copy lately, and we’re invested in making our language more inviting and encouraging rather than institutional and dry. Since one of my roles (in addition to UX Research) is in-house copy editor, learning why and how to create a significant shift in tone will be super helpful to me.
  • We want to start adding little details to our designs that surprise and delight the users. This blog collects great examples of this across the web.


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