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In thinking about collecting The Lizzie Bennet Diaries, I’ve started browsing the tumblr, watching clips of the vlogs, perusing the Twitter and Facebook accounts… and I can’t help wondering how I would have kept up with the story while it was unfolding. I immediately started mocking up an aggregation app in my brain. But really, the amount of information and disparate locations in which everything is dispersed is a little overwhelming. I do not have a Twitter or Tumblr account. I am mostly a lurker on Facebook, but I go long periods of time completely separated from it. However, I love Pride and Prejudice and have for many years (I know I’m not alone here), so I can see myself going out of my way to follow this story – although I think it would need to be more on my own terms, thus the app development brainstorming.

I’m treading dangerously close to “OLDS” territory, but, really, does this make me old? Are younger people (or, regardless of age, people who are more involved in social media) already so plugged in that following this story on every single platform is effortless and natural? Or even a reflection of our lives, as narratives unfolding in a number of natural AND digital environments? Thinking about this has sent me down a paranoid “Alone Together” wormhole.

The photo above is Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, texting another character on the show. For me, it visually distills the question of whether we are alone, together, or alone together (and is a good example of a new way of representing pervasive digital communication in media productions). I’m usually not unsettled by the conspicuous incorporation of technology and social media into entertainment. However, I’ve never before felt myself potentially excluded from a piece of entertainment that I would enjoy because of my lack of involvement in various social media platforms. Is it simply my loss that I am excluding myself from a three-dimensional media experience?

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