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Desktop and Mobile

The Project

I worked on a team of two UX designers and one strategist to redesign Ghirardelli.com. This site redesign was certainly not built in a day — we spent significant time getting to know users and responding to their specific needs. Over four months, we completed a number of UX research and design activities in order to create the best solutions.

The Problem

The dated Ghirardelli site offered a host of problems for our team to solve, but through talking to users, digging through Google Analytics data, and visiting Ghirardelli stores, we landed on a primary problem to tackle — Ghirardelli customers are not offered an efficient and delightful shopping experience online, unlike the shopping experience in Ghirardelli stores.

The Gifter

We created three personas to design for: the Bulk Buyer, the Gifter, and the Baker. The following example is an early iteration of a user flow for our primary persona, the Gifter:

Gifter Persona and Flow

With the gifter in mind, we implemented the following changes:

  • simplified, task-based navigation
  • prioritized gift content to the first homepage module
  • added a persistent “free gift” promotion to header
  • allowed users to add items to cart directly from product grid


The Outcome

The redesigned Ghirardelli site is full of impactful improvements, some small, some large, across the site:

  • fully responsive layout
  • single page checkout process
  • sticky global navigation
  • natural language recipe search
  • add to cart functionality on rollover
  • sliding content modules on homepage
  • drawer functionality on header elements

These improvements combined with the full re-architecture of the site provide a quick and delightful shopping experience for Ghirardelli customers – something they have come to expect from Ghirardelli for more than a century.
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