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I search for and listen to music in a lot of different places: hype machine, soundcloud, youtube, spotify, itunes, radio stations, etc. I’m always losing track of favorites because my searching and listening activity is so dispersed across web spaces. However, some favorites manage to infiltrate my scattered brain and create an undulating pulse throughout all my mental and emotional processes. It captures my attention and keeps it, despite the massive amount of information and stimuli I encounter everyday.

Coming across music that makes me feel this way is one of the things that counters the existential angst caused by office life, excessive screen time, commuting, anxiety and self doubt…

A few other things also have this life-affirming power:

  • petting a happy dog
  • watching the sun set gradually over the bay as I drive home from work
  • my mom’s severely southern-accented voice screaming EMLAAAAY! into the phone when I call her
  • the final savasana of a yoga class


Right now at this minute, iamamiwhoami is doing this for me.


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